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Selige Design is an interior design studio, assisting clients with a wide range of challenges to deliver restful living spaces with a sustainable and thoughtful approach. Together we can transform your home into a true sanctuary, unique to you and your needs, that offers you a restorative balance in your life.

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A sanctuary for all

Our mission is to help our clients find a harmonious balance through our design which will have a positive impact each time they enter the space. Selige Design believes everyone should have access to a safe and secure home where they can find true rest away from the challenges of modern day life.


“ I wanted to come home after a long day at work, walk through my front door and feel a wave of calm and contentment sweep over me. Selige Design helped me to create a sanctuary in my own home. “

“ Alix took the time to understand what we were wanting to get out of our space. She delivered our project with kindness and purpose, producing a design scheme we can implement ourselves.

Highly recommend working with Selige Design and hope to do so again in the future. “

“ I have really enjoyed taking my time to implement the design scheme Alix created for us and see our vision for the space come together. I love each and every item carefully chosen and how the space has been transformed “

How we can help you

Our services



Designer expertise from £180 per session

The design foundations from £270 per room


Virtual interior design from £390* per room


Interior design for three rooms or more £960*

Feeling overwhelmed by paint decisions? Wanting to rethink your furniture layout? Let’s figure it out together and solve your design dilemmas.

Quick, affordable and remote.This package gives you the design build blocks to kickstart your project with designer expertise without the price.

This package is perfect if you want a complete room design, but don't mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement your project.

Why do 1 when you can do 3? This package offers a cohesive and harmonious flow to a home. Design service with a collaborative process and unique finish.

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